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Welcome to Smart Meetings 360, where sourcing your next meeting has never been easier. Did you know that 77% of meeting planners report that it takes five or more days to source a meeting? At Smart Meetings 360, we save you hours (days, sometimes weeks!) of time. We’ll research, negotiate, schedule site inspections, review contracts and provide frequent status updates—all in a fraction of that time. Save precious hours, money and stress, and take advantage of this complimentary service today!

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You’ve taken the first step to sourcing your next meeting through Smart Meetings 360. Awesome! Just choose your destination and we’ll take it from there. Seriously, it’s that easy.

your specs.

Already have an existing RFP? Go ahead and submit it now. Or maybe you need a little help creating one. Complete our simple request form online or give us a call—our team of experts is standing by.

That’s it! We do the rest.

We’ll match you against hundreds of potential meeting sites, research, prepare custom side-by-side proposals, set up site inspections, negotiate contracts and more.

Our team of experts is standing by ready to research, negotiate and match you with premier hotels and destinations. You’ll never want to plan without it again!

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Why Choose Smart Meetings 360?

  • Be matched against 200,000+ premier venues worldwide to meet your ideal venue specs.
  • Relax as experienced sourcing professionals help you create the perfect RFP.
  • Receive comprehensive research of premier hotels, destinations and venues.
  • Secure custom-matched, side-by- side proposal comparisons via our consolidated bid reporting.
  • Enjoy scheduled site-inspections, frequent status updates and contract negotiations—for free!

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